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  • The Importance of Open Source Genealogy

    Open source genealogy is a wonderful way to discover your family’s past and with it a little “leafing out” of the tree often happens.  Using open source, or free online resources, will quite often let you see what life was like for your ancestors and maybe you’ll find ancestors you didn’t even know you had.

    Open source materials contain include any governmental records, cemetery records or historical data that is open and available to the public.  Because of this you’ll often be drawn into archived small town historical records that makes your family genealogy come alive.  There are many other reasons for using open source resources:

    • You can often find various sources that repeat what you already know, allowing you to verify your records.  From this vantage point you’ll have the framework for exploring other vague branches of your family tree.

    • Open source materials are often the only record of a person ever having lived.  It was not uncommon for churches to keep birth, death and baptism records at a time when local county governments did not.  These types of open source records may reveal, for example, that several generations ago your relatives lost a child at a young age who did not grow to marry and have children.  Census records, taken only every ten years, wouldn’t necessarily display this information.

    • If you desire your research to take you into what life was like for members of your family, open source materials may be the only resource for this information. 

    Open source material is a valuable resource you need to explore when studying your genealogy.  It can often be far superior to other, even paid, sources of information.

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