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  • Tips for Managing Your Genealogy Archive

    Besides the office managing chores you’ll want to do to keep things organized, there are a few tips you can use to recall quickly the lifeblood of your genealogy; the research.  Without a steadfastness to research and documentation management you’ll soon get lost in a sea of papers that you don’t recall the significance of and sources of information you wish you could recall.

    One useful timesaver is to always use source citation for recalling information.  This is simply writing down the place, file numbers, books and authors or newspaper dates and pages where ever you find information.  You’d be surprised how often you wish you could go back and double check material.  If you’ve cited your sources, along with a phone number to call if in a cemetery or public records office, you can not only easily retrieve information but the person conducting the search for you will save time if they know where to look.  Keep a log of this information, like a database on a computer, that corresponds to the surname being researched, your documentation and where to find it, so that at a glance you can retrieve data.

    It helps keep you focused if you also use a research log.  Enter what you are working on or what you are looking for and simply cross it off your list as it’s acquired and move to the next thing.  Having a mindful of possible research topics swirling around all at once can only lead to confusion.  Keep a log or journal.  If you run across a bit of information that doesn’t fit with what your are currently working on file it away and note it for future use.

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